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Title: <ARTICLE>On the Role of Work Effort Disutility in the Neoclassical Model of Optimal Growth
Authors: Kaneko, Kunihiko
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2001
Publisher: College of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
Citation: Journal of economics, business and law. 2001, 3, p.41-52
Abstract: In this paper we extend Djajic (1987)-Ihori (1990) model of optimal growth. We incorporate the work effort disutility implicitly. Using this model, we examine the effects of various changes in the exogenous parameters: government spending, productivity shock, and work effort disutility. We show that the implicit incorporation of work effort disutility modifies the standard comparative dynamic results we have already had. Also, the paper demonstrates that using output as a proxy for work effort makes easy to compare the qualitative results of the model with or without work effort in the same phase diagram.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/999
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