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Authors: Britton, Joseph
Author's alias: ブリトン, ジョセフ
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2007
Publisher: 大阪府立大学総合教育研究機構
Citation: 言語と文化. 2007, 6, p. 11-27
Abstract: The Japanese youth are re-defining and re-shaping themselves-physically, mentally and spiritually. What does this new presentation mean for Japan's future and how is it influencing the youth culture's perception of communication? This paper, part of which is based upon my interviewing (400) 18-22 year old Japanese, along with a control group of (20) 23-60 year old working Japanese over a period of 7 years will begin by exploring the changing nature of Japan's youth and their tendencies. A special focus will be placed on the rising power of Japan's otaku-nerds/geeks; especially the akiba-kei- the gadget obsessed, self-centered, young men and the fast growing number of women. Next, we will take a journey into the unique communication paths they are forging with robots and through the mediums of simulated games and virtual social networks. And last, we will examine the refreshingly new social interaction products they are cultivating and, in turn, the challenges these innovations place upon society. My premise is that Japan is becoming an otacool nation. This word I have created is a combination of otaku and the intriguingly, fashionable social distinction of being cool.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/9702
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