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Title: 『狂人日記』 : 魯迅のポリフォニー小説 : 中国における狂人像論争をめぐって
Other Titles: A Madman's Diary : Luxun's Polyphonic Novel Starting from the Controversy of the Image of the Madman
Authors: 彭, 新勇
Author's alias: Peng, Xinyong
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2007
Publisher: 大阪府立大学大学院人間社会学研究科
Citation: 人間社会学研究集録. 2006, 2, p.137-158
Abstract: There has been a tremendous amount of research on the first vernacular novel of modern Chinese literature, A Madman's Diary. Taking as its focus the controversy regarding the image of the Madman and the writing methods of the novel among literary circles since the 1950s, and on the basis of the systematic combing and definition of Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the polyphonic novel, this paper attempts to analyze the polyphonic characteristics of the novel and to discover the multiple factors in the formation of the polyphonic characters of Luxun's novel in particular. Defining A Madman's Diary as a polyphonic novel reveals the absence of the author's privileged position and the relative equality of status between the author and the protagonist, asserting that the real purpose of the novel is not to depict the character, but to show the contradictory relationship between the self-consciousness and the internal-dialog-like opposition. This kind of literary thinking would upset the traditional reading of the novel as one stamped with the author's opinions and would provide a new explanation of the novel. The theory of the polyphonic novel is still at a tentative stage, and is by no means without contention. In attempting to introduce the theory into the research of Luxun's works, I believe that it will become the new topic of modern Chinese literature research.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/9664
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