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Title: Optimization of International Inter-Modal Logistics Utilizing Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Takeyasu, Kazuhiro
Okita, Katsuhisa
Keywords: inter-modal international logistics
sea and air
integer programming
genetic algorithm
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2007
Publisher: College of Economics, Osaka Prefecture University
Citation: Journal of economics, business and law. 2007, 9, p.29-43
Abstract: In recent years, inter-modal international logistics is becoming a big trend. Sea and air transport is a term of inter-modal international logistics. Sea and air transport is developing rapidly in recent years. However, papers concerning sea and air transport can hardly be seen especially for mathematical formulation and its analysis. In this paper, we make mathematical formulation of the case single supply site and single demand site with multiple delivery date/different delivery quantities as of a fundamental one. Under certain constraints, minimum cost is pursued. Next, expansion is executed as for the case single supply site and multiple demand sites. Numerical example is examined and optimal solution is derived using genetic algorithm. Finally, formulation expansion is executed as for the case multiple supply sites and multiple demand sites. By formulating sea and air transport problem, it can be handled clearly and smoothly. Various solving methods should be examined hereafter.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/3545
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