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タイトル: Studies on Seedlessness of 'Kyoho' Grapes Induced by Gibberellin in Combination with Streptomycin
著者: FUKUNAGA, Shingo
KUROOKA, Hiroshi
発行日: 1988年3月31日
出版者: University of Osaka Prefecture
引用: Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1988, 40, p.1-10
抄録: Studies were carried out to examine the practical use of GA_3 (20ppm) with and without Streptomycin (SM 200-2000 ppm) for production of seedless 'Kyoho' grapes when applied at anthesis. 1. The percentages of seedless berry set were almost 100% by GA application at anthesis whether or not SM was added, and the later the application, the lower the percentages. The GA treated clusters with 2000 ppm SM produced almost 100% seedless berry set even when applied 6 days after anthesis. 2. When the culsters were treated 4 days after anthesis seedless berry set was lowered in order of medium and large berries. This tendency was more true on weak terminals than vigorous ones. However, SM prevented from reduction of seedlessness on weak terminals. 3. Protection effect to physiological drop of berries was more pronounced in the GA treated clusters with SM than in those without SM. 4. The percentage of LL size berry obtained from the thinned cluster at harvest was greater when GA alone was applied later, and further enhanced by the 2nd application; it was 15.9% with two applications applied 4 days after anthesis and later, and was 24.2% with them 6 days after anthesis and later. On the other hand the addition of SM to GA solution resulted in the percentages of 0-3.7% regardless of timing and number of application times, which demonstrated that this antibiotic markedly inhibited the berry growth. 5. Coloring of any treated berries was more hastened than control ones, and harvesting time of the former was about 10 days earlier than the latter. 6. Hardening of the treated fruit stalks was moderate, but berry loosening occurred when the clusters were formed in a light berry set type. 7. No cracking nor drought-spot like symptoms were observed in the seedless berries. From these results further studies are necessary to establish certain practices to produce large size berries and to control berry loosening by examining appropriate concentration SM added to GA solution, mixed application with other chemicals and number of berries to remain attached to the cluster.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/3223


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