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タイトル: KOYASAN : A Demonstration of the Compatabillty of Man, Nature and Art
著者: COLLETT, Brian Richard
ABE, Daishu
発行日: 1987年3月31日
出版者: University of Osaka Prefecture
引用: Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1987, 39, p.33-45
抄録: During the academic school year of 1975-1976, this study was carried out as the theme of an exchange graduate student at University of Osaka Prefecture. Quite aware of Japan's tremendous cultural assets directly and indirectly related to the field of environmental design, and at the same time aware of the overwhelming difficulty of the language and complexity of the culture, it was made the selection of a study in which could develop a broader understanding of the language, culture, and environment and yet one still relevant to the field of environmental design. The selection for a study of a Buddhist temple and its environs thus evolved through these considerations. Much of the research carried out while studying at University of Osaka Prefecture was not incorporated into the final draft of this study. Before any assumptions could be made regarding specifics of the study, a basic context had to be at least superficially understood. Thus the effort and time spent was invaluable as a background and basis for all the research which followed. This study have tried to resist the temptation of including the interesting but extraneous data and miscellanea in order to limit the scope to its bare stratum of pertinent information.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/3211


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