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Title: T Cell-Dependence of Immature B Cells Bearing Immunocompetences Restricted to IgM-Type
Authors: NISHI, Michiko
BITO, Yukio
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1984
Publisher: University of Osaka Prefecture
Citation: Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1984, 36, p.73-78
Abstract: B cells isolated from young chickens and treated with diluted anti-bursa cell serum and complement were transferred into immunoincompetent recipient chickens with or without normal T cells followed by immunizations of the recipients and assay of plaque-forming cells and/or antibody titration. The experiments showed that immature B cells (B_M cells) bearing immunocompetences resticted to IgM-type are T cell-dependent in immune responses against sheep red blood cells. The B_M cells were not different from normal B cells in number of helper T cells necessary for the immune responses. The B_M cells were capable of eliciting the immune responses through the cooperation with the T cells for a shorter time than normal B cells. To induce the immune responses the B_M cells were able to cooperate with immature T cells committed to help B cells for immune responses restricted to IgM-type.
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