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Title: 動力耕転機の振動とその防止法(農學)
Other Titles: Vibration and its Prevention of Power Tillers(Agronomy)
Authors: 薗村, 光雄
Author's alias: SONOMURA, MITSUO
Issue Date: 25-Feb-1955
Publisher: Naniwa University
Citation: Bulletin of the Naniwa University. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1955, 4, p.35-67
Abstract: In Japan, the power tillers have come into extensive use in recent years, but the vibration tests of these kind of machinery are not performed up to the present. The vibration of the machine causes the machine troubles and the operator's fatigue is grown severely, thus the author investigated experimentally the vibration and its prevent of a Rotary Tiller driven by a horizontal single cylinder water cooled engine. The vibrations were measured in the stationary various states of the machine, and the author designed the rubber vibration absorbers should be suitable to the machine. The results may be summarized as follows: [I] Vibration Test (1) The vibrations were measured mostly at the center point of the handle, on longitudinally, transversely and vertically by the Askania type hand vibrograph. (2) The vibrations are occured by the revolution of the engine and the rotor shaft. The frequencies are indicated nearly equal to the revolutions and the torque fluctuations of the engine, and the revolutions of the rotor shaft. (3) The amplitudes were changed by the revolutions of the engine and the states of the machine. (4) The vertical vibration was enormousely and the transverse vibraiton was merely, when it driven by the engine only. (5) The transverse vibration was enormousely, when it was driven by the engine and revolved the rotor shaft. (6) The amplitudes was most merely, when the machine was set at horizontally or lowered the front. (7) The longitudinally amplitudes of the whole parts were the same almost, but the transverse and vertical amplitudes were most merely at near the center of the machine. [II] Vibration Prevent (1) To prevent the vibration, the Rubber Vibration Absorbers were used and those rubber vibration absorbers were set between the engine and the engine bed. (2) By the Pressure type of rubber vibration absorbers, the vibration were could prevented satisfactory at the higher revolutions of the engine, but it could not prevent the vibration at the lower revolutions of the engine. (3) By the Shear type of rubber vibration absorber, it could prevent satisfactory the vertical vibration but it was difficult to prevent perfectly the longitudinal and the transverse vibrations. (4) Thus the author designed the Non-coupled type rubber vibration absorber, because it could not prevent satisfactory the vibration by the coupled type rubber vibration absorber. (5) By the Non-coupled type rubber vibration absorber, it could prevent thoroughly the three direction vibrations, but it could not still more avoid the influence of the belt tension. Therefore the author shall study the form and the arrangment of the Non-coupled rubber vibration absorber to prevail the belt influence.
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