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Title: Paragonimus Iloktsuenensis Chen(小型大平肺吸虫)の犬における一自然感染例(獸医學)
Authors: 一色, 於菟四郎
Author's alias: ISSHIKI, Otoshiro
Issue Date: 25-Feb-1954
Publisher: Naniwa University
Citation: Bulletin of the Naniwa University. Ser. B, Agriculture and natural sciences. Zoology and botany. 1954, 3, p.61-74
Abstract: 1) The present specimens are obtained from the lungs of a German shepherd dog which was autopsied by the late Yata at Department of Veterinary Science, Osaka Agriculture School. 2) The ovary of worm is ramified into a coral appearance (fig. 3). Cuticular spines grow in a group (fig. 4). These findings are correspondent to those of ohirai-iloktsuenensis group. 3) Metacercaria other than of P. iloktsuenensis has never been found in the river Yodo as stated above. In addition characters of eggs (fig. 2) separated from this specimen are identical with those which had been described by Chen (1940). Thus it is concluded that these specimens are to be classified as P. iloktsuenensis. 4) This is the first occurrence of natural infection with P. iloktsuenensis so far found in any dog of Japan. 5) A pea-size worm cyst locates beneath the pleura. It forms cavity due to softening of lung tissue. It contains 2 worms. 6) The cyst locates near comparatively large bronchii. Eggs are found in the contents of bronchii. 7) The wall of cyst is composed of long standing granulation tissue which have developed fibrosis. There is marked infiltration of round cells which are predominantly two types of the plasma-cell, Marshalko and lymphatic. Erythrocytic infiltration is also demonstrated. Eggs are detected in comparatively new layers of the wall. The surrounding tissues show a finding of cirrhosis. A marked proliferation and regeneration of smooth muscle fibers is observed around terminal bronchiole, alveolar duct, and interalveolar septum. 8) As a remarkable microscopical finding, some calcified islets of cartilage are clearly seen in the parenchyma near the cyst. Lumens of some bronchioles are found filled with blood. Bronchii and blood vessels showed marked changes which are almost correspondent to so far accepted respects.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/3109
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