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Title: On the Mongolian naked oats, with special reference to their origins(Agronomy)
Authors: NAKAO, Sasuke
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1951
Publisher: Naniwa University
Citation: Scientific report of the Faculty of Agriculture, Naniwa University. 1951, 1, p.7-24
Abstract: (1) The writer has observed naked oats cultivated in southern Mongolia and taken some specimens to Japan. (2) These specimens have been raised and studied in two successive generations at Kyoto. The summarized result of obiervation is seen in Table 1. (3) All the raised strains coincide in having pubescent culm node. One strain has brittle rachis, while others are tough. The former is decided to be classified in Avena fatua L. sens. ampl. subsp. septentrionalis and the others in subsp. nodipilosa. (4) Six varieties are identified, one belongs to subsp. septentrionalis and five to subsp. nodipilosa, three of which are new to science. Varieties are subdivided into formas. (5) The naked variety is the object of oat cropping in Mongolia while the other hulled or brittle varieties are the admixtures in it. (6) The distribution of oats of Mongolian type in northeastern Asia has been studied. And Chinese classical data on oats are also surveyed. (7) It is concluded that the Mongolian naked oat must have originated in northeastern Asia and there developed from the wild ancestral form of subsp. septentrionalis to the naked form of subsp. nodipilosa through hulled stage of the latter subspecies.
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