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Title: A Study of Bird Inhabitation as Seen in Farmlands in Nishi Ward of Kobe City and the Eastern Part of Akashi City
Authors: FUKUI, Wataru
MASUDA, Noboru
ABE, Daishu
Issue Date: 31-Mar-1998
Publisher: Osaka Prefecture University
Citation: Bulletin of Osaka Prefecture University. Ser. B, Agriculture and life sciences. 1998, 50, p.49-58
Abstract: The authors selected three farmland-containing areas in Nishi Ward of Kobe City and the eastern part of Akashi City for this ecological study to investigate the current situations of bird inhabitation in suburban areas and within the cities. Through this study, the following results were obtained in terms of bird inhabitation in the rural forest (Satoyama) area and in the farming area: 10 orders, 23 families and 35 species; and 9 orders, 20 families and 30 species, respectively. In the urban area, 4 orders, 10 families and 30 species of birds were observed, most of which were city birds. The species and the population number of birds observed in this study along with the diversity index obtained from the observation results revealed that the rural forest and farming areas, located in the vicinity of urban areas, conserve a certain degree of the natural environment required for bird inhabitation, even while experiencing strong effects of urbanization. Although the bird species observed in these areas were different, the diversity of the species and the population number of birds found showed similar values. Therefore, this study suggests that agricultural areas preserve a crucial environment for bird inhabitation, which is equivalent to that of hilly areas.
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