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タイトル: Effect of Salts at High Concentrations on Plant Growth (1) : Water Culture Experiments by Young Barley Plants in Plant Growth Chamber
著者: SAMUKAWA, Kisaburo
発行日: 1964年3月31日
出版者: University of Osaka Prefecture
引用: Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1964, 15, p.47-56
抄録: For the purpose of investigating the effect of salts at high concentration solution on plant growth, water culture experiments by young barley plants were performed in an air conditioned plant growth chamber. Barley seedlings previously cultured for 24 days were grown in high concentration nutrient solutions added with ammonium chloride for 2 weeks. Growth amounts of plants were decreased by the high concentration treatment of salt solution, especially when the degree of treatment was over 30 me/l the damage of plants became quite remarkable. The amounts of N and Cl absorbed by plants increased according to the increase of salt concentration. Subsequent experiments were carried out throughout a year with nutrient solutions of four kinds of salt concentration and it was investigated how the amounts of plant growth and N, P, K absorbed varied through the seasons. It is shown by the results of these experiments through a year that the water culture experiments of barley plants can be carried out comparatively in every season in our air conditioned plant growth chamber. The orders of the amounts determined for plants in pots with nutrient solutions of three degrees of concentration in added ammonium chloride and in control pot with basal nutrient solution are as follows. Growth amounts: Control≧low concent. > intermediate concent. > high concent.. Amounts of N absorbed: High concent. > intermediate concent. > low concent. > control. Amounts of K absorbed: Control > low concent. > intermediate concent. > high concent..
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/2926


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