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Title: Studies on Vitamin B_6 : Part, I. The colorimetric determination of pyridoxine
Authors: IWASA, Yosaburo
TAKEUCHI, Yosiichi
Issue Date: 31-Dec-1959
Publisher: University of Osaka Prefecture
Citation: Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture. Ser. B, Agriculture and biology. 1959, 9, p.139-148
Abstract: (1) The determination of pyridoxine was attempted with 2, 6-dichloro-quinone chloroimide (imide) reagent in a phase of water-isopropyl alcohol. (2) Better results were obtained for the color development of pyridoxine indophenol by using pH 7.8-veronal buffer in 20 parts and isopropyl alcohol in 70 parts to the total volume. (3) The time for maximum color intensity and the stability of intensity was affected by the reaction temperature. The time was 6 minutes at 30℃ and 14 minutes at 15℃. The stability was better in a lower temperature. (4) The procedure of determination was as follows: 1ml of pyridoxine solution, 5ml of isopropyl alcohol, 2ml of imide reagent and 2ml of pH 7.8 veronal buffer were mixed at 20℃. After 10 minutes, the color intensity was measured at 650mμ by means of a spectrophotometer. (5) Pyridoxine solution of 2-20μg per ml can be determined with ±1.0 average deviation and with the sensitivity as same as that of HOCHBERGS'S method and three times that of SCUDI'S method.
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