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タイトル: 老年看護学実習における学生の痴呆性高齢者の理解プロセス
その他のタイトル: The Process of Student's Understanding Elderly With Dementia by Gerontological Nursing Practice
著者: 松田, 千登勢
長畑, 多代
著者名の別形: MATSUDA, Chitose
キーワード: The process of understanding
Gerontological nursing practice
The elderly with dementia
発行日: 2004年3月1日
出版者: 大阪府立看護大学
引用: 大阪府立看護大学紀要. 2004, 10(1), p.43-50
抄録: This report describes the results of a qualitative study which explored the process of understanding by students in a three-week session of gerontological nursing practice. Data were collected using semi-structured interviews with eight third-year students of Osaka Prefecture College of Nursing. The results indicated six categories in the process of understanding of the elderly with dementia as follows: 1) Mental preparation for care; 2) Rejection, 3) Being at a loss how to cope with the behavior of dementia, and 4) Groping for ways to deal with the behavior of dementia (appearing in Week 1); 5) Getting a feel for ways to cope (appearing in Week 2) ; 6) Understanding of care effectiveness (appearing in Week 3). Category 4, Groping for ways to deal with the behavior of dementia, was clarified as a turning point towards which educational guidance and support are of great importance.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/2821
出現コレクション:第10巻 第1号


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