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Title: 小児看護学実習における自己評価反応の分析 : 実習終了後の満足感を中心に
Other Titles: Analysis of Students' Self-Evaluative Reaction about Clinical Practice of Child Health Nursing : Focusing on Students' Satisfaction with Clinical Practice
Authors: 山中, 久美子
吉川, 彰二
永島, すえみ
Author's alias: YAMANAKA, Kumiko
Keywords: Child Health Nursing
Self-Evaluative Reaction
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2004
Publisher: 大阪府立看護大学
Citation: 大阪府立看護大学紀要. 2004, 10(1), p.31-41
Abstract: The aim of this study was to clarify the reaction of students' self-evaluation after clinicalpractice in child health nursing and to get basic data with which to increase Self-Efficacy of students. The subjects of this study were 84 students who had registered to take the courses. Post-course questionnaires were administered. The questionnaire of self-evaluation is composed of 4 items: 1) Self-Evaluation of clinical practice, 2) Students' interest in children after the clinical practice, 3) Students' satisfaction with clinical practice in child health nursing, 4) Students' confidence in Child Health Nursing. The items from 2) to 4) were open-ended, and the questions were categorized through analysis by three teachers of child health nursing. According to the results, responses of students' satisfaction were "Very satisfactory" (10.7%), "Satisfactory" (59.5%), "Neutral" (19.1%), "Unsatisfactory" (9.5%), "Very Unsatisfactory" (1.2%). They were analyzed in five categories: 1) attainment of the goals of the clinical practice, 2) efforts made in clinical practice, 3) guidance/environment, 4) capability, and 5) emotional experience. "Very satisfactory" included three categories: attainment of the goals of the clinical practice, efforts made in clinical practice, and emotional experience. "Satisfactory" included four categories except "efforts made in clinical practice". "Neutral" included four categories except "capability". "Unsatisfactory" included four categories except" attainment of the goals of the clinical practice". Considering the relationship between "Satisfactory" and "Confidence", there were 59 students in "(Very) Satisfactory"; 24 of them responded "Neutral", 4 of them responded "Not Confident". There were 9 students who responded "Very Satisfactory"; 8 of them reported increased interest in children, and 7 of them responded "Confident". These results suggest that students' satisfaction after clinical practice in child health nursing is related to Self-Efficacy of students, and that further study is required to clarify the issue.
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