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タイトル: 虚弱高齢者における転倒恐怖感と歩行・バランス能力との関連
その他のタイトル: Relationship of Fear of Falling, Balance and Gait in Frail Elderly Persons
著者: 樋口, 由美
田中, 則子
淵岡, 聡
林, 義孝
著者名の別形: HIGUCHI, Yumi
TANAKA, Noriko
HAYASHI, Yoshitaka
キーワード: 転倒恐怖感
発行日: 2003年12月26日
出版者: 大阪府立看護大学
引用: Journal of rehabilitation and health sciences. 2003, 1, p.18-22
抄録: Falls are a major public health problem for older people. Recent research suggests that fear of falling may be a more pervasive and serious problem than actual falls among the elderly. The present study was conducted to determine whether frail elderly persons with fear of falling have lower physical function. A total of 46 subjects (aged 73 to 95) were recruited from a geriatric health services facility in Osaka. Physical functions including balance, mobility, and muscular strength were measured using the following tests: Timed up & go test (TUG), functional reach test, single limb stance with eyes open, ten-meter walk, and knee extensor strength. Twenty-eight subjects (61%) had fear of falling and 18 (39%) had no fear of falling. There was no significant difference in age, sex, or the proportion using assistive devices. Results from the statistical tests showed that there were no differences in physical function. The ratio of TUG to 10 m walk was used to determine the association between balance and mobility. In frail elderly persons with fear of falling and in those without fear of falling, the means of the ratios were 1.19 (SD=0.28) and 1.03 (SD=0.16), respectively. The ratios for frail elderly persons with fear of falling were higher (p=0.019) than the frail elderly without fear of falling. Our study suggests that even if frail elderly individuals walk slowly, they are not afraid of falling if there is a feasible balance function. We conclude that, in low-functioning frail elderly, fear of falling is associated with a combination of balance function and gait speed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/2646


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