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Title: 思考障害の残遺症状に関する了解の可能性について : 連合弛緩と言語新作のつよい慢性期統合失調症患者との関わりを分析して
Other Titles: The Possibility of Understanding of Residual Symptoms of Thought Disturbance : an Analysis of the Approach to a Chronic Schizophrenic with Severe Loosening of Association and Neologism
Authors: 荒木, 孝治
Author's alias: ARAKI, Takaharu
Keywords: Long-Stay Chronic Schizophrenics
Residual State
Humanistic Understanding
Respect for Lifestyle
Psychiatric Nurse
Phenomenological Method
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2005
Publisher: 大阪府立看護大学看護学部
Citation: 大阪府立看護大学看護学部紀要. 2005, 11(1), p.17-22
Abstract: The psychiatric concept of residual state is understood to mean that, the influence of schizophrenia getting less, the schizophrenics become stable with a decline of the level of personality remaining to some degree. In this paper, through the case of a long-stay chronic schizophrenic with severe "loosening of association" (talking incoherently) and neologism (making words that only the person himself understands), who was a schizophrenic of slight residual state and was expected to participate in social relationships, I tried to understand how to use his residual symptoms of thought disturbance. I analyzed the conversations I had with him, and I read that the patient's "loosening of association" was a defensive style of conversation for the sake of his speaking to the other person, and the neologisms were such key words as had been molded through his life story, and they turned out to be a tool to express his state of mind. I understood that, in these two symptoms, there was much meaning to the patient. Through this case study, if we supplement the above medical definition of slight residual state with some explanation from the welfare point of view, we will be able to add the following: slight residual state means that long-stay chronic schizophrenics make their life style exercising their own function at the present time.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/2541
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