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Title: The Challenge to be Critical : Critical Literacy in English Language Programs
Authors: Tokunaga, Anne
Issue Date: 31-Mar-2002
Publisher: 大阪府立大学
Citation: 言語と文化. 2002, 1, p.17-26
Abstract: The paper provides a background to the development of the concept of literacy and how this has led to the emergence of critical literacy. It argues that the influence of structural linguistics in the teaching of literacy in English as a foreign language has led to a focus on form which has obscured to some part the recognition of language and literacy as occurring in the real world where people use language to do things. A critical approach, which acknowledges that texts are determined culturally and socially, seeks to question the ideological assumptions within them. Moreover, it sees the relationship between structures or 'form', and meaning of texts as not being arbitrary or conventional, but shaped by powerful institutional forces. It is argued that students need to learn how language works as a system to be able to trace the underlying ideology from the linguistic features of the text. The paper also outlines briefly some approaches that may be used in the development of literacy, particularly of critical literacy.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10466/1003
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