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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
1-Apr-1989S.D.Krashenのインプット仮説はわが国の言語教育に応用できるか佐々木, 行雄-
Mar-2017Safe Haven and Hedge Currencies for the US, UK, and Euro Area Stock Markets : A Copula-Based ApproachTachibana, Minoru-
Nov-2018Safe haven government bonds: Identification using a regime-switching copula modelTachibana, Minoru-
31-Mar-1984Safety Margins for Reliability Analysis of Frame StructuresOkada, Hiroo; Matsuzaki, Satoshi; Murotsu, Yoshisada-
26-Mar-1992Sales Revenue and Expected Profit of Monopolist & Tax Evasion of Profit Tax渡辺, 茂-
31-Jan-1992Sales Revenue and Expected Profit of Monopsonist,Vanishing of Discontinuous Segment,&Tax Evasion (大野吉輝教授還暦記念号)渡辺, 茂-
31-Mar-1992Sales Tax, Monopsonist & Tax EvasionWatanabe, Shigeru-
31-Mar-1984A Sample Size Determination in the Non-normal PopulationKoike, Toshitaka; Mori, Ken'ichi; Kase, Shigeo-
30-Mar-1964Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (I)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
30-Mar-1964Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (II)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
31-Oct-1964Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (III)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
31-Mar-2000SAS-汎用統計プログラム-の概要森川, 利信大阪府立大学総合情報センター広報委員会
31-Mar-1966Sauerstoffaustauschreaktion des γ-Pyrons in den ^<18>O enthaltenen wasserigen LosungenICHIMOTO, Itsuo; KITAOKA, Yoshinori; TATSUMI, Chuji-
31-Mar-1992Scattering from a Periodic Array on a Semi-infinite Dielectric SubstrateWakabayashi, Hideaki; Kominami, Masanobu; Sawa, Shinnosuke-
30-Mar-1985Scheduling to Minimize Total Penalties Due to Earliness and TardinessMiyazaki, Shigeji; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
31-Mar-1971Schematic Representation of the Supply Curve of Individual LaborMorita, Susumu-
2009Screening of Edible Plants for Urease Inhibitors and Chemical Structures of the InhibitorsShabana Samah Ahmed Sabry Abdel Hamid-
31-Mar-1994Seasonal Difference in Urban Climate of Osaka and KyotoUM, Hyang Hee; OMOTO, Yukio-
1-Mar-2018Second Language (L2) Writing Assessment in a Graduate-level English Academic Writing CourseFujioka, Mayumi-
30-Mar-1955Secondary Slip in Tensile Deformed Rectangular Aluminium MonocrystalsKitajima, Sadakichi; Shimba, Kyukichi-
Showing results 2647 to 2666 of 11391
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