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2015年2月A Study on Estimation of Three-Dimensional Surface Roughness and Tolerances Based on Virtual Machining Systems Considering Kinematic Motion DeviationsThasana, Wiroj-
2012年3月31日A brief review about passive and active vocabulary and depth of vocabularyMiyanaga, Chieko-
2009年12月28日A Case Study on Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Micro-MIM ProductsAndrews, Ian; Nishiyabu, Kazuaki; Tanaka, Shigeo-
2013年1月A Coleridgean Account of Meditative ExperienceCheyne, Peter-
1980年12月10日A Correlating Expression between Pe and Re X Sc with Constant Tortuosity for the Axial Dispersion in Packed BedsKubo, Kenji; Aratani, Toshiro; Mishima, Akira-
2012年3月31日A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representations of Part-time Fathers and Full-time Mothers in a Japanese Parenting MagazineInenaga, Tomoyo-
2017年11月21日A grating coupler with a trapezoidal hole array for perfectly vertical light coupling between optical fibers and waveguidesMizutani, Akio; Eto, Yohei; Kikuta, Hisao-
2015年6月A Grignard-type Phase-vanishing Method : Generation of Organomagnesium Reagent and Its Subsequent Addition to Carbonyl CompoundsMatsubara, Hiroshi; Niwa, Yuki; Matake, Ryosuke-
2015年A Mathematical Approach to Behavioral Variation in Prey and Predator and Structure of Biological Communities池川, 雄亮-
2018年12月17日A New Image Shifter for High-Cadence 2-D Solar SpectroscopyTohmura, Ichiroh; Hirose, Kumi-
2017年3月7日A new system for measuring the photochemical ozone production rate in the atmosphereSadanaga, Yasuhiro; Kawasaki, Shio; Tanaka, Yuki; Kajii, Yoshizumi; Bandow, Hiroshi-
1993年6月30日A Note on Duality in G-algebras over Dedekind DomainsKobayashi, Naoyuki; Kawakami, Tomohiro-
2012年6月20日A Note on Efficiency Wage of the Labor and Efficiency Price of the Product : Vanishing of Monopoly ProfitWatanabe, Shigeru-
2012年3月20日A Note on Efficiency Wages and Inequity : Discrimination against WomenWatanabe, Shigeru-
2013年3月A Note on Law and Economic : Cost plus Fee Contract and Generalized Efficiency Wage渡辺, 茂; 前田, 実紀-
2014年3月19日A Note on Law and Economics : Wage Rate Leadership, Price Leadership, Quality Leadership and Unemployment in the Absence of Efficiency WagesWatanabe, Shigeru; Maeda, Miki-
2015年3月31日A Phenomenographic Study to Identify Teachers' Experiences of Computer Assisted Language Learning ClassroomsThomas, Simon-
2013年9月A Phenomenological Study of "Herbivore Men"Morioka, Masahiro-
2010年8月A Photo-Irradiative Phase-Vanishing Method : Efficient Generation of HBr from Alkanes and Molecular Bromine and its Use for Subsequent Radical Addition to Terminal AlkenesMatsubara, Hiroshi; Tsukida, Masaaki; Ishihara, Daisuke; Kuniyoshi, Kenji; Ryu, Ilhyong-
2011年3月31日A propos de portfolios pour apprenants de FLE à l'UPO : bilan (2005-2011) et perspectives (2012-2015)PUNGIER, Marie-Françoise-
検索結果表示: 211 - 230 / 11089
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