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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
2010Syntheses, Reactions, Absorption and Fluorescence Properties of Novel AnilinesImoto, Mitsutaka-
Feb-2016Synthesis and Application of Porous and Monodispersed Silica Nano-Particles by Gradual Injection Method下垣, 知代-
Jan-2014Synthesis and characterization of Li_2S-P_2S_5 based glass-ceramic electrolytes with lithium halides氏家, 諭-
Feb-2016Synthesis and Organic Semiconductor Characteristics of Thiophene-fused Compounds Obtained by Photocyclization/Aromatization Reactions山本, 惇司-
May-2014Synthesis and properties of fluorous benzoquinones and their application in deprotection of silyl ethersMatsubara, Hiroshi; Maegawa, Takahiko; Kita, Yasuaki; Yokoji, Takato; Nomoto, Akihiro-
Jan-2017Synthesis and Structuration of Single-Nanometer Sized Layered Metal Hydroxides by Epoxide-Mediated Alkalinization樽谷, 直紀-
31-Oct-1979Synthesis of 7H-Benzimidazo[2,1-a]benz[de]isoquinoline-7-one DerivativesNakazumi, Hiroyuki; Kasazaki, Toshiaki; Kitao, Teijiro-
30-Oct-1991Synthesis of a Superconducting Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Film by a Use of OxineIto, Kazuo; Ito, Eiji; Osaka, Shuji; Sakamoto, Yusuke; Mori, Tsutomu-
31-Mar-1973Synthesis of Host Ribosomal RNA's in Tabacco Leaves Inoculated with Tobacco Mosaic VirusTAKAHASHI, Minoru; IKEGAMI, Masato-
31-Mar-1969Synthesis of Low-Sensitivity Closed-Loop Systems by Iterative MethodTanaka, Hideo; Asai, Kiyoji-
Jul-2016Synthesis of New Thiophene-, Furan-, and Silole-Fused Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds and Elucidation of their Basic Properties大垣, 拓也-
31-Mar-1981Synthesis of Normorphan Derivatives from NorbornadiensUmano, Katsumi; Inoue, Hiroo-
2009Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Based Ceramic Micro Tubes and Porous Fibers by Polymer Precursor MethodKita, Ken'ichiro-
2015Synthesis of the Phosphine-Olefin Ligands Based on the Planar-Chiral Transition Metal Complexes and Application to the Asymmetric Catalysis曾, 雅怡-
31-Mar-1986System Deadlock Prevention Design in Real-time Computer SystemsTsutsui, Shigeyoshi; Asai, Kiyoji-
17-Apr-2018System identification of propagating wave segments in excitable media and its application to advanced controlKatsumata, Hisatoshi; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
30-Sep-1975A systematic Description of 3-Workpiece Lapping ProcessSakai, Yoshiro; Tanaka, Yoshio; Ido, Mamoru-
28-Nov-2018Systematic Study of Descriptors for Oxygen Evolution Reaction Catalysis in Perovskite OxidesYamada, Ikuya; Takamatsu, Akihiko; Asai, Kaisei; Shirakawa, Takuto; Ohzuku, Hideo; Seno, Akihiro; Uchimura, Tasuku; Fujii, Hiroshi; Kawaguchi, Shogo; Wada, Kouhei; Ikeno, Hidekazu; Yagi, Shunsuke-
31-Mar-2003Systemic functional linguistics and the development of a genre-based approach to language educationTOKUNAGA, Anne-
31-Mar-1984Systemic IgA Antibody Responses against Bovine Serum Albumin in the ChickenMISAWA, Naoaki; KAJIKAWA, Taketsugu; BITO, Yukio-
Showing results 3050 to 3069 of 11391
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