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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
31-Mar-1974A Rarefied Gas Flow over a Flat WallOnishi, Yoshimoto-
Feb-2017Rational Design of Liposome-Based Immunity-Inducing System for Cancer Immunotherapy能﨑, 優太-
31-Mar-1984Rational Sample Sizes for Evaluation of Doubly Exponential CharacteristicsKase, Shigeo; Ota, Hiroshi-
May-2016Rayleigh 仮想摩擦を用いた粘性圧力抵抗簡易推定の可能性について坪郷, 尚; 石伏, 平-
31-Mar-2014Rédiger un texte en France et au Japon : quelles différences?Takagaki, Yumi-
30-Sep-1974Reactions of Cyclic 2,2-Dibromo-1,3-dicarbonyl Compounds with NucleophilesWakui, Tadahiro; Otsuji, Yoshio; Imoto, Eiji-
31-Mar-1990Real Exchage Rate in a Simple Two-Country Equilibrium Model with Stochastic Risk PremiumKaneko, Kunihiko-
31-Mar-2007Real Exchange Rate, Trade Balance and Economic Shocks : Evidence from Sino-Japanese Economic RelationHan, Chi; Miyamoto, Katsuhiro-
Jun-2016Reality According to Language and ConceptsYacobi, Ben G.-
31-Mar-1992A realization of Floating Inductance based on Z-Matrix GyratorShigehiro, Takanori; Nakamura, Masataka; Yoneda, Shojiro-
31-Mar-1968Rearrangement VII. Pyrolysis of Isopentyl and Neopentyl p-ToluenesulfonatesTATSUMI, Chuji; KOTANI, Ryotaro-
31-Mar-1967Rearrangement. V. Relative Migratory Aptitude in the Nitrous Acid Deamination of Some Aliphatic AminoalcoholsTATSUMI, Chuji; KOTANI, Ryotaro-
31-Mar-1968Rearrangement. VIII. Pyrolysis of cis-and trans-2-Methylcyclohexyl p-ToluenesulfonatesTATSUMI, Chuji; KOTANI, Ryotaro-
25-Dec-2013Recent Tax Cases about Deductibility of Expenses in JapanSakai, Takako-
Sep-2014Rechargeable organic lithium-ion batteries using electron-deficient benzoquinones as positive-electrode materials with high discharge voltagesYokoji, Takato; Matsubara, Hiroshi; Satoh, Masaharu-
31-Mar-1990The Recommendable Economic Policies to Improve the Trade Conflict between the U.S.A.and JapanMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Oct-2015Reconsidering Meaning in Life : A Philosophical Dialogue with Thaddeus Metz-Morioka, Masahiro
30-Mar-1985Recovery of Chromium(VI) from Wastewater with Iron (III) HydroxideAoki, Toyoaki; Munemori, Makoto-
15-Oct-1986Reduction of Nitrobenzene and Some Related Compounds with Fe_3(CO)_<12>-Pyridine SystemIto, Keiji-
31-Mar-1982Reduction of NO in a Spark Ignition Engine with Fuel-Injection SystemKataoka, Katsumi; Hirako, Yoshio-
Showing results 2534 to 2553 of 11391
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