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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
20-Dec-1928Numerical Solution for the Axial and Radial Diffusions of Solute Tracer in Laminar Pipe FiowKubo, Kenji; Aratani, Toshiro; Mishima, Akira; Yano, Takeo-
31-Mar-1951Studies on the Alcoholization of Cellulose Materials. Part IV : On the Saccharified Solution of Mulberry-tree(Agricutural Chemistry)TATSUMI, Chuji-
31-Mar-1951A Survey of Tropical and Subtropical Fruit Trees of the World(Horticulture)NAKAMURA, Miyawo-
31-Mar-1951Effect of the Temperature-system (Summary)(Agronomy)NISHIUCHI, Hikaru-
31-Mar-1951On the Mongolian naked oats, with special reference to their origins(Agronomy)NAKAO, Sasuke-
31-Mar-1951On the Titration Curves of Soy Bean Proteins(Agricutural Chemistry)SHIMOMURA, Hiromu-
31-Mar-1951Chemical Studies on the Soils of High Yield Rice Fields(Agricutural Chemistry)NODA, Masaya-
31-Mar-1951Studies on the Flower Bud Differentiation of Tulip in Japan Part I(Horticulture)TSUKAMOTO, Youtaro-
31-Mar-1951On the Globidium in the Mucous Membrane of Small Intestine of a Goat (A Case hitherto unrecorded in Japan)(Veterinary)ISSHIKI, Otoshiro-
31-Mar-1951On the Symbiotic Affinity Caused by the grafting Among Cucurbitaceae and Solanaceae Species(Horticulture)IMATSU, Tadasi-
31-Mar-1951A Description of a Six-Legged Dog(Veterinary)YASUDA, Mikio-
31-Mar-1951Neue Trypetiden aus Japan (Diptera) (II)(Entomology)ITO, Syusiro-
31-Mar-1951On the Colloidal Properties of Bentonite I : Effects of Heat-, Ultrasonic Waves-or Autoclave-Treatment upon the Degree of Swelling of Bentonite(Agricutural Chemistry)ONO, Sozaburo; WATANABE, Takehiko-
2-Apr-1951浪速大學學報 第1号浪速大學事務局-
16-Apr-1951浪速大學學報 第2号浪速大學事務局-
1-May-1951浪速大學學報 第3号浪速大學事務局-
1-Jun-1951浪速大學學報 第4号浪速大學事務局-
15-Jun-1951浪速大學學報 第5号浪速大學事務局-
1-Jul-1951労働に於ける不適應現象について伊藤, 博-
1-Jul-1951Cattell, R.B. : PERSONALITY大塚, 鐙-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 11391
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