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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
15-Mar-200550周年記念号の出版を祝して宮本, 勝浩-
30-Oct-1980Aggregate Demand and Supply in IS-LM Analysis宮本, 勝浩-
31-Mar-2002<ARTICLE>Comparative Analysis on Economic Transitions of Russia and ChinaMiyamoto, Katsuhiro; Han, Chi-
1999<ARTICLE>Contemporary Status and Prospective of Economies in Transition in Russian Far EastMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1998<Article>Dual Price System in Economic TransitionMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1996<Article>Dual-Track System in Transitional EconomiesMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-2000<ARTICLE>Recent Economic Relations between Russia and JapanMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-2003<ARTICLE>Rural Households Behavior in Economic TransitionMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-2001<ARTICLE>Worker's Behavior in Economic TransitionMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1995The Carrot and The Stick of The Socialist EconomyMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1993China's Economic Growth and ReformMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1986Comparisons of Managerial Behaviors of the Socialist State FirmsMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1994Dynamic instability of a command economyMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1988An Economic Model of State Enterprise under the State Enterprise LawMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1979A Growth Model of Soviet EconomyMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1978A Growth Model of the Socialist EconomyMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Mar-1972A Growth Model of Two Private Sectors and a Public SectorMiyamoto, Katsuhiro-
31-Dec-2007International Financial Liberalization Development and Economic Growth in ChinaHan, Chi; Miyamoto, Katsuhiro-
17-Dec-1981IS-LM 分析と価格水準 (永島清教授還暦記念号)宮本, 勝浩-
31-Mar-2005Labor Supply, Income and Government Purchasing in Chinese Agricultural SectorMiyamoto, Katsuhiro; Han, Chi-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 72
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