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2017年6月23日Amplitude death in a pair of one-dimensional complex Ginzburg-Landau systems coupled by diffusive connectionsTeki, Hakui; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2008年11月25日Amplitude death in time-delay nonlinear oscillators coupled by diffusive connectionsKonishi, Keiji; Senda, Katsuhisa; Kokame, Hideki-
2007年8月Amplitude death induced by a global dynamic couplingKonishi, Keiji-
2015年10月30日Delay- and topology-independent design for inducing amplitude death on networks with time-varying delay connectionsSugitani, Yoshiki; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2016年2月29日Dynamical behavior and peak power reduction in a pair of energy storage oscillators coupled by delayed power priceFukunaga, Tomohiro; Imasaka, Tomoaki; Ito, Akira; Sugitani, Yoshiki; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2015年1月15日Dynamics of dc bus networks and their stabilization by decentralized delayed feedbackKonishi, Keiji; Sugitani, Yoshiki; Hara, Naoyuki-
1993年12月1日Fractal Dimensions of Coupled Chaotic SystemsKonishi, Keiji; Shirao, Yoshiaki; Kawabata, Hiroaki; Inagaki, Yoshio; Takeda, Yoji-
2017年4月25日Proportional-integral control of propagating wave segments in excitable mediaKatsumata, Hisatoshi; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2010年1月18日Stability analysis and design of amplitude death induced by a time-varying delay connectionKonishi, Keiji; Kokame, Hideki; Hara, Naoyuki-
2018年5月1日Stabilization of a spatially uniform steady state in two systems exhibiting Turing patternsKonishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2008年Synchronization of pulse-coupled oscillators with a refractory period and frequency distribution for a wireless sensor networkKonishi, Keiji; Kokame, Hideki-
2018年4月17日System identification of propagating wave segments in excitable media and its application to advanced controlKatsumata, Hisatoshi; Konishi, Keiji; Hara, Naoyuki-
2007年7月9日Time-delay-induced amplitude death in chaotic map lattices and its avoiding controlKonishi, Keiji; Kokame, Hideki-
2010年1月16日A tuning strategy to avoid blocking and starving in a buffered production lineKonishi, Keiji-
検索結果表示: 1 - 14 / 14