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1972年9月30日An Application of Sampling Inspection to Corrective Plan for Production ProcessOta, Hiroshi; Kase, Shigeo-
1962年9月28日Averaging Method in Specification for Tensile Data of RubberNishiyama, Noriyuki; Kase, Shigeo-
1980年10月31日Classification of Inspectors in Sensory Tests by Wald's Sequential Sampling TechniqueOta, Hiroshi; Kase, Shigeo; Asao, Masashi-
1979年3月31日Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Material Testing in Structural DesignNakayasu, Hidetoshi; Murotsu, Yoshisada; Mori, Ken'ichi; Kase, Shigeo-
1983年3月31日Determination of Sample Size in the Mixture of Normal DistributionsKoike, Toshitaka; Mori, Ken'ichi; Kase, Shigeo-
1981年3月31日GERT Analysis of Sequential Sampling Plan for the Doubly Exponential CharacteristicsHosono, Yasuhiko; Ota, Hiroshi; Kase, Shigeo-
1977年9月30日An Information Theory Approach to Sampling Inspection PlanOta, Hiroshi; Izawa, Kusunori; Kase, Shigeo-
1978年3月31日Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters from Multi-censored SamplesNakayasu, Hidetoshi; Mori, Ken'ichi; Kase, Shigeo-
1979年3月31日A Preliminary Test of Significance for the Extreme-Value DistributionTsujitani, Masaaki; Ota, Hiroshi; Kase, Shigeo-
1962年3月31日Quality Control for Rubber Based on Its Tensile StrengthKase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
1984年3月31日Rational Sample Sizes for Evaluation of Doubly Exponential CharacteristicsKase, Shigeo; Ota, Hiroshi-
1984年3月31日A Sample Size Determination in the Non-normal PopulationKoike, Toshitaka; Mori, Ken'ichi; Kase, Shigeo-
1964年3月30日Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (I)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
1964年3月30日Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (II)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
1964年10月31日Sample Size of Readings in Time Study (III)Kase, Shigeo; Nishiyama, Noriyuki-
検索結果表示: 1 - 15 / 15


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