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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
20-Jun-2012A Note on Efficiency Wage of the Labor and Efficiency Price of the Product : Vanishing of Monopoly ProfitWatanabe, Shigeru-
20-Mar-2012A Note on Efficiency Wages and Inequity : Discrimination against WomenWatanabe, Shigeru-
Mar-2013A Note on Law and Economic : Cost plus Fee Contract and Generalized Efficiency Wage渡辺, 茂; 前田, 実紀-
19-Mar-2014A Note on Law and Economics : Wage Rate Leadership, Price Leadership, Quality Leadership and Unemployment in the Absence of Efficiency WagesWatanabe, Shigeru; Maeda, Miki-
10-Jul-2013An Economic Approach to Law : Two Types of Standards and Cost plus Fee Contract渡辺, 茂; 前田, 実紀-
27-Sep-2010Article sur less alaires au rendement et les Allocations Familiale : Cas du Japon et de la FranceWatanabe, Shigeru; Bazin, Damien-
30-Jun-2003<Article>Negative Effect of Raising the Penalty Rate of Tax Evasion on Consumer Surplus渡辺, 茂-
30-Sep-1996<Article>Policy-Mix of Tax Rate and Tax Evasion Penalty RateWatanabe, Shigeru-
25-Dec-2000<Article>Tax Policy for Equity : Negative Consumption Tax, Mecene and Taxation Based on Total Wage Payment & Tax Evasion渡辺, 茂-
30-Jun-1999<Article>Two Recently Important Issues : "Inefficiency" -Wage Hypothesis And Entertainment Expense & Tax Evasion渡辺, 茂-
27-Dec-1995Econimic approach to equity渡辺, 茂-
25-Dec-1997The Effect of Penalty Rate on Cost Overstatement : Does the Policy of Raising the Penalty Rate Always Decrease Cost Overstatement Rate?渡辺, 茂-
20-Mar-1995Effects of tax policy on the regular sector and on the underground sector (大野吉輝唄野隆教授記念号)渡辺, 茂-
18-Mar-2011Efficiency Rental Price of Capital and Efficiency Wage of LaborWatanabe, Shigeru-
15-May-1995A Framework for equity (前田英昭教授還暦記念号)渡辺, 茂-
30-Jun-1996Further Note on Efficience Wage渡辺, 茂-
15-Dec-2004Inefficiency : Wage Hypothesis渡辺, 茂-
20-Mar-2012Ineffizienzhypothese des Lohnsatzes in Abwesenheit von Eintrittsbarrieren im Arbeitsmarkt des GesundheitswesenWatanabe, Shigeru; Mattheus, Sebastian; Fusy-Pudal, Elliot-
15-Dec-1993Monopoly and tastes of employer (長尾周也教授還暦記念号)渡辺, 茂-
27-Dec-1995Note on "tax evasion and the income tax rate : a theoretical re-examination"渡辺, 茂-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 64
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