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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Editor(s)
1992An Antigenic Determinant on Human Centromere Protein B (CENP-B) Available for Production of Human-Specific Anticentromere Antibodies in MouseSugimoto, Kenji; Migita, Hideyuki; Hagishita, Yoshimasa; Yata, Hiroaki; Himeno, Michio-
2000Centromere/Kinetochore Localization of Human Centromere Protein A (CENP-A) Exogenously Expressed as a Fusion to Green Fluorescent ProteinSugimoto, Kenji; Fukuda, Rika; Himeno, Michio-
2017Live cell imaging of anaphase bridge formation and the subsequent cleavage furrow regression induced by the Aurora B kinase inhibitor AZD1152-HQPATanaka, Shodai; Senda-Murata, Kaori; Kawakita-Yamaguchi, Ai; Fukada, Takashi; Sugimoto, Kenji-
2001Molecular Behavior in Living Mitotic Cells of Human Centromere Heterochromatin Protein HP1α Extopically Expressed as a Fusion to Red Fluorescent ProteinSugimoto, Kenji; Tasaka, Hiroaki; Dotsu, Masaya-
2016Molecular Behavior of CENP-A and PCNA throughout the Cell Cycle in Living Human HT-1080 CellsSugimoto, Kenji; Nakagawa, Chika; Senda-Murata, Kaori; Kawakita-Yamaguchi, Ai; Fukada, Takashi-
2002Molecular Dynamics of Aurora-A Kinase in Living Mitotic Cells Simultaneously Visualized with Histone H3 and Nuclear Membrane Protein ImportinαSugimoto, Kenji; Urano, Takeshi; Zushi, Hitomi; Inoue, Kimiko; Tasaka, Hiroaki; Tachibana, Makoto; Dotsu, Masaya-
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6