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2009年3月31日Analyzing a procedural instruction : Exploring the realization of Interpersonal meaningsTokunaga, Anne; Tokunaga, Masahiko-
2017年3月31日Comparing Patterns of Mood and Modality in a Recipe and a DemonstrationTokunaga, Anne-
2005年3月1日Critically analyzing gender representations in the mediaTokunaga, Anne-
2014年3月31日Developing Language Learners' Academic Writing : The Compositional ReportTokunaga, Ann-
2007年3月31日English Language and Literacy LearningTokunaga, Anne; Tokunaga, Masahiko-
2004年3月1日A genre approach to learning the language of research徳永, アン; 徳永, 昌彦-
2004年3月31日Is there a critical age for first language acquisition? A review of the researchTokunaga, Masahiko; Tokunaga, Anne-
2006年3月31日The Language of ExplanationsTokunaga, Anne; Tokunaga, Masahiko-
2007年3月31日An overview and evaluation of Stephen Krashen's monitor theoryTokunaga, Anne; Tokunaga, Masahiko-
2015年3月31日Preliminary Explorations into the Nature of Lexical-Semantic RelationsTokunaga, Anne-
2008年3月31日Procedures or How-to Texts : Exploring the language of instructingTokunaga, Anne; Tokunaga, Masahiko-
2013年3月1日The Generic Structure of a Personal Story : An Overview of the Labovian Model of Narrative AnalysisTokunaga, Ann-
2010年3月31日Understanding the Language of Evaluation : An Introduction to Appraisal TheoryTokunaga, Anne-
2018年3月1日Using Functional Grammar to Develop Interpretations of Literary TextsTokunaga, Anne-
検索結果表示: 1 - 14 / 14