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2013年3月A Note on Law and Economic : Cost plus Fee Contract and Generalized Efficiency Wage渡辺, 茂; 前田, 実紀-
2014年3月19日A Note on Law and Economics : Wage Rate Leadership, Price Leadership, Quality Leadership and Unemployment in the Absence of Efficiency WagesWatanabe, Shigeru; Maeda, Miki-
2013年7月10日An Economic Approach to Law : Two Types of Standards and Cost plus Fee Contract渡辺, 茂; 前田, 実紀-
2013年12月25日On Law and Economics : Wage Rate Leadership, NPO and Product LiabilityWatanabe, Shigeru; Maeda, Miki-
検索結果表示: 1 - 4 / 4