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"OPERA" contains proceedings, doctral theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, learning objects and any kind of scholarly products in Osaka Prefecture University and puts out them through the internet.

OPERA was officially launched on April 1, 2009



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A.Osaka Prefecuture University:(2005-) [7696]
C.Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology [756]
D.Former Osaka Prefecture University:(1955-2004) [2504]
D.Osaka Prefecuture College of Nursing: (1994-2004) [108]
E.Osaka Prefecuture Junior College of Nursing: (1978-1994) [1]
F.Naniwa University:(1949-1954) [139]
G.Osaka Junior College of Social Work:(1949-1982) [0]
H.Osaka Women's University:(1949-2004) [394]
I. Doctoral Dissertation [493]
J.NAKAO Sasuke Field Note [21]

Recent Submissions

Kaneda, Masayuki ... [et al], Natural Convection of Paramagnetic Fluid Between Parallel Plates Under Strong Magnetic Field, 7th International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer (CHT-17), , 2017, 705-710
Fujiwara, Hiroaki ... [et al], Effect of the Magnetothermal Force on the Natural Convection Heat Transfer from a Vertical Plate, The 9th JSME-KSME Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference (TFEC9), , 2017, 1-5
Suga, K ... [et al], A lattice Boltzmann method for turbulent flow simulation, ERCOFTAC Workshop Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation 11 (DLES11), , 2017, 1-2
Kaneda, Masayuki ... [et al], Magnetothermal force on heated or cooled pipe flow, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 69, 2017, 1-7
Suga, Kazuhiko ... [et al], Modelling turbulent and dispersion heat fluxes in turbulent porous medium flows using the resolved LES data, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, 68, 2017, 225-236
Kuwata, Y ... [et al], Direct numerical simulation of turbulence over anisotropic porous media, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 831, 2017, 41-71
Nagano, Hikaru ... [et al], Transcriptional regulation of skeletal muscle-specific insulin receptor substrate-1 transcript, Journal of Life Science Research, 16, 2018, 9-12
Imai, Momoko ... [et al], Characterization of an Angiotensin I-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Substance in Tomato Juice, Journal of Life Science Research, 16, 2018, 1-7
, 女性学研究センター年次報告・2018年度, 女性学研究 Women's Studies Review, 26, 2019, 128-134
中坂, 有見子, 薬剤師の社会学 : 調査から見えた薬剤師のジェンダー化, 女性学研究 Women's Studies Review, 26, 2019, 109-127