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"OPERA" contains proceedings, doctral theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, learning objects and any kind of scholarly products in Osaka Prefecture University and puts out them through the internet.

OPERA was officially launched on April 1, 2009



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A.Osaka Prefecuture University:(2005-) [5760]
大阪府立大学工業高等専門学校 (旧)大阪府立工業高等専門学校 [697]
B.Former Osaka Prefecture University:(1955-2004) [2503]
C.Osaka Prefecuture College of Nursing: (1994-2004) [108]
D.Naniwa University:(1949-1954) [139]
E.Osaka Junior College of Social Work:(1949-1982) [0]
F.Osaka Women's University:(1949-2004) [395]
G. Doctoral Dissertation [203]
NAKAO Sasuke Field Note [21]

Recent Submissions

西村, 崇, Preparation of Pt-based Nanoparticles by Electrodeposition Techniques and Their Applications to Catalysts for Fuel Cells, , , 2013,
Vy, Nguyen Duy, Theory of Optical Microcavity-based Laser Cooling for Indirect Control of Electronic States, , , 2013,
兼田, 泰典, 大規模集約型ストレージシステムの設計技法に関する研究, , , 2012,
朴, 喜淑, 『万葉集』における鳥の表現とその機能, , , 2012,
Pathirana, Dematadeni Pathirannehalage Indunil Nishantha, Insulin-like peptide 3 (INSL3) secretion in male domestic animals and the effects of INSL3 on Leydig cells, , , 2012,
武田, 賢和, Pathological Studies on the Property Changes of Corpora Lutea during Incomplete Estrous Cycle and the Luteal Effects of Ovarian Toxicants in Rats, , , 2012,
國武, 絵美, Aspergillus aculeatus におけるセルラーゼ・ヘミセルラーゼ遺伝子の発現制御機構に関する分子生物学的研究, , , 2012,
田井, 祥史, ミニマムバラストPCC船型の開発研究, , , 2012,
冨坂, 友里, Studies on Clarification of Characteristic Features of Low-Valent Rare Earth Reagents under Photoirradiation and Application to Polysilane Synthesis, , , 2011,
山城, 晃子, Amphotericin Bによるグリア細胞機能変化, , , 2014,


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