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"OPERA" contains proceedings, doctral theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, learning objects and any kind of scholarly products in Osaka Prefecture University and puts out them through the internet.

OPERA was officially launched on April 1, 2009



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A.Osaka Prefecuture University:(2005-) [5783]
大阪府立大学工業高等専門学校 (旧)大阪府立工業高等専門学校 [697]
B.Former Osaka Prefecture University:(1955-2004) [2503]
C.Osaka Prefecuture College of Nursing: (1994-2004) [108]
D.Naniwa University:(1949-1954) [139]
E.Osaka Junior College of Social Work:(1949-1982) [0]
F.Osaka Women's University:(1949-2004) [395]
G. Doctoral Dissertation [222]
NAKAO Sasuke Field Note [21]

Recent Submissions

遠藤, 歳幸, 塗布型有機半導体の光・電子物性およびデバイス応用に関する研究, , , 2011,
Vetnizah, Juniantito, Pathological Studies on Macrophage Properties in Developing Skin and Cutaneous Fibrosis in Rats, with Particular Relation to Myofibroblasts, , , 2011,
赤木, 伸生, ディスプレイ用機能性色素に関する研究, , , 2011,
Matsukawa, Daisaku, Studies on UV Curable Resins with Reworkable Property, , , 2011,
Sakuda, Atsushi, Development of Bulk-Type All-Solid-State Batteries Using Lithium-Ion Conducting Solid Electrolyte Films, , , 2011,
Maeda, Kazuhiro, Growth of YMnO_3 Epitaxial Thin Films and Effect of the Magnetic Ordering on the Ferroelectric Polarization Switching, , , 2011,
Fukushima, Tadahiro, Electrical Property of Controlled-Polarization Type Ferroelectric-Gate Thin Film Transistors, , , 2011,
Shindo, Daisuke, Magnetic and Electronic Properties of Ce doped Si Films, , , 2011,
Ikawa, Shigeru, Development of Novel Phosphorescent Organoiridium (III) Complexes Applicable to Organic Light-emitting Diodes, , , 2014,
Sakai, Rina, Studies on identification of novel genomic biomarkers for classifying DNA damage-induced clastogenicity and application of a discrimination tool for clastogenicity screening based on toxicogenomics technologies, , , 2014,


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