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"OPERA" contains proceedings, doctral theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, learning objects and any kind of scholarly products in Osaka Prefecture University and puts out them through the internet.

OPERA was officially launched on April 1, 2009



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A.Osaka Prefecuture University:(2005-) [6528]
B.Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology [715]
C.Former Osaka Prefecture University:(1955-2004) [2504]
D.Osaka Prefecuture College of Nursing: (1994-2004) [108]
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H.Osaka Women's University:(1949-2004) [395]
I. Doctoral Dissertation [344]
J.NAKAO Sasuke Field Note [21]

Recent Submissions

Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], Chiral and Achiral Lithium Amides Having a Fluorous Ponytail : Preparation and Evaluation as a Recycling Reagent for Lithium Enolate Generation, Synthesis, 2007(18), 2007, 2901-2912
Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], A Grignard-type Phase-vanishing Method : Generation of Organomagnesium Reagent and Its Subsequent Addition to Carbonyl Compounds, Synlett, 26(9), 2015, 1276-1280
Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], A Photo-Irradiative Phase-Vanishing Method : Efficient Generation of HBr from Alkanes and Molecular Bromine and its Use for Subsequent Radical Addition to Terminal Alkenes, Synlett, 2010(13), 2010, 2014-2018
Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], Microflow photo-radical chlorination of cycloalkanes, Chemical Engineering Journal, 167(2-3), 2011, 567-571
Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], Cyclopropanation of Alkenes with CH_2I_2/Et_3Al by the Phase-Vanishing Method Based on Fluorous Phase Screen, Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 129(10), 2008, 951-954
Matsubara, Hiroshi ... [et al], Synthesis and properties of fluorous benzoquinones and their application in deprotection of silyl ethers, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014(12), 2014, 5442-5447
Yokoji, Takato ... [et al], Rechargeable organic lithium-ion batteries using electron-deficient benzoquinones as positive-electrode materials with high discharge voltages, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2014(2), 2014, 19347-19354
, 大阪府立大学人間社会学研究科 学位論文題目一覧 平成18年度-平成27年度, 大阪府立大学人間社会学研究科 学位論文題目一覧 平成18年度-平成27年度, , 2016, 1-22
萩原, 弘子, 代理出産(gestational surrogacy)、人種、権力関係 : 「ジョンソン対カルヴアート夫妻」裁判を中心lこ, 生殖医療倫理研究論集, 1, 2011, 65-92
, OPUテクノベーションニュース No.57, OPUテクノベーションニュース, 57, 2016, 1-16


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