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"OPERA" contains proceedings, doctral theses, peer-reviewed journal articles, learning objects and any kind of scholarly products in Osaka Prefecture University and puts out them through the internet.

OPERA was officially launched on April 1, 2009



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A.Osaka Prefecuture University:(2005-) [6186]
B.Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology [706]
C.Former Osaka Prefecture University:(1955-2004) [2503]
D.Osaka Prefecuture College of Nursing: (1994-2004) [108]
E.Osaka Prefecuture Junior College of Nursing: (1978-1994) [1]
F.Naniwa University:(1949-1954) [139]
G.Osaka Junior College of Social Work:(1949-1982) [0]
H.Osaka Women's University:(1949-2004) [395]
I. Doctoral Dissertation [301]
J.NAKAO Sasuke Field Note [21]

Recent Submissions

生見, 恵里香, 喪の作業に関する臨床心理学的一考察 : 死別体験者の話にあらわれる〈声〉が聞こえた体験から, 心理臨床センター紀要, 8, 2015, 23-29
橋本, 朋広, 解離性障害者のロールシャッハ反応に関する形式構造解析, 心理臨床センター紀要, 8, 2015, 9-16
河口, 彰吾, Orbital Order and Phase Transitions in Vanadium Spinels, , , 2014,
Rajapaksa Rathnayaka Mudiyanselage, Kavindra Kumara Wijesundera, Pathogenesis of Thioacetamide-Induced Rat Hepatic Fibrosis Based on Heterogeneous Functions of Macrophages, , , 2014,
山本, 勇 ... [et al], ビフィズス菌の糖鎖分解酵素とゲノム, Journal of Life Science Research, 12, 2014, 25-28
丹間, 瑞季 ... [et al], 妊娠期高脂肪食は仔マウスに影響する : オリーブ油の検討, Journal of Life Science Research, 12, 2014, 21-24
川手, 美穂 ... [et al], 中程度LEDブルーライト照射によるマウス網膜の変性について, Journal of Life Science Research, 12, 2014, 15-19
Kasahara, Ken-ichi ... [et al], Neural impulse amplitude of taste nerve fiber branches depends on taste receptor sites in bullfrogs, Journal of Life Science Research, 12, 2014, 9-14
, はじめに, 女性学講演会, 18(2), 2015,
Imai, Saeko ... [et al], What to eat first and how to eat to reduce amplitude of glycemic excursions, Journal of Life Science Research, 12, 2014, 3-7


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